Student's View of Game-Based Learning


           Game-based learning is a learning style that motivates students to work hard.  The game my class plays,, allows you choose a character type, like a mage, warrior, or healer. Whilst doing assignments or extracurricular you gain experience points. After you gain one thousand experience points, you level up, unlocking new gear available for purchase with GP (gold points), which is your currency.  You earn gold points by training pets, leveling up, and doing goal sheets. You also have AP (attack points or mana). You can use mana to use your magic skills (powers).
          My experience in game-based learning is still amateur, but I have been very motivated by it.  I’m motivated to “deck out” my character and make him look as cool as possible. It has heavily changed the way I learn, so much so that I want to learn.  This way of learning is very cool and I am very happy that I have the privilege to be in a school that uses game-based learning.
-Evan B. 

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