I am a high school video production teacher and like many specialized instructors I am the only teacher in my school that teaches courses in this media, a lone wolf so to speak. For years I have gone at it alone: writing and updating curriculum, researching changing technologies in my field, budgeting for and updating production equipment. To be able to connect with colleagues teaching my subject around the state and country, to bounce ideas, share lessons that connect and inspire our students with InspirED PD has been an exciting and valuable opportunity.

Chris Lord, Video Production Instructor

I think the idea for a course based on inquiry is a fantastic idea. I thought the website and course were well organized, thorough, very interesting and easy to understand. I loved how the course varied the mediums of how content was presented. In addition, I like how each part really required you to reflect on your practice, but apply your knowledge and the content that was included in the course. I think this course will help a lot of teachers get inspired and create inquiry based classrooms and meaningful learning experiences for students.

Ashley Rainey, Teacher

InspirED Professional Development and its team have created several outstanding on-line Professional Development opportunities; filling a gap for Career & Technical Education teachers that, at times, might question the relevance of district driven PD. More exciting, at least to me, is the possibility that content specific or statewide PD can be developed and delivered for CTE teachers. I have worked directly with the InspirED team on several projects recently and am impressed with their familiarity with CTE and their commitment in helping us to identify PD voids and in designing solutions.

Jack Grube, CTE Director

Thanks for your time and kudos for the training you guys gave this summer. Best week of training I have ever had in 25 years of teaching!

Tim Barry, Network & STEM Center Coordinator
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