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Included in this course are all of the readings and activities you will need to complete, a syllabus and a completion certificate for you to download and submit for CEU credits.

Though you will move through this course at your own pace, activities/reading/assignments will need to take place in a sequential order. The "order" is laid out in the syllabus and the activities can be seen on the screen in the order in which they should be completed.

This is a professional development course that centers around the importance of student choice and voice in creating a community of learners.   It is delivered in a manner that takes your busy lives into account. Should you have any questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me @ bernasconi.edu@gmail.com.

Thank you.

Bethany Bernasconi

With over a decade of experience engaging students of all ages in the world of science, Bethany Bernasconi has taught enrichment programs at the New England Aquarium and Biology at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School.  In 2009, she helped to open the doors of Windham High School where she teaches Biology and is the Director of Science and Engineering 6-12 for the Windham School District.  Bethany earned her undergraduate degree from Boston University in Biology specializing in Marine Science and then continued on to earn a Masters in Secondary Science Education, also from Boston University.  Bethany Bernasconi has been named the 2012 New Hampshire Teacher of the Year, a 2013 ASCD Emerging Leader, and a 2014 Milken Fellow.  Her philosophy on science education is rooted in her belief that students of all ages, should have the opportunity to explore the world around them and that learning science is not passive, rather it truly requires a student to dive into the experience.   Always cognizant that "we teach students, not subjects,” she strives to incorporate student voice into the classroom and promotes the importance of continuous authentic collaboration between educators of all disciplines.  

Bethany describes herself as a perpetual student and realizes that students come in all sorts of guises and 18 years of age isn't some magic line of demarcation where student ends, nor is 30 or 40 or 50...   She recognizes that in each student is a person who is diverse, who can explain their knowledge in ways that capture their strengths, creativity, and passions while acknowledging that no one way fits them all and no one way is more valuable than another. Whether speaking with policy makers, veteran educators, or pre-service teachers the message is clear; Educators have the most important job in the world as they are entrusted with the minds, hopes, and dreams of students.  We must truly know each of them as whole unique individuals if we are to help them fulfill the promise that lies within each of them.

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