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by Freda Berg - Tuesday, October 30, 2018, 4:39 AM

Top 3 Arcade Games We Recommend


The ultimate nostalgia is here! Relive the 80’s and take a trip down memory lane with our top arcade game in this list, none other than PAC-MAN! Play the original 8-bit arcade game on your computer and get ready for thousands of hours of entertainment. Who says you can’t be a kid again and play your favorite childhood game? PAC-Man stood the test of time as an iconic arcade game that lasted through generations. In this modern remaster of PAC-MAN, the gameplay stays the same as you need to eat the dots and fruits without touching the ghosts in your way. Work your way into a maze and eat everything in your path to accumulate points. Exclusive and brand-new mazes are included in the game to give you additional challenges. You can also complete daily missions and quests to accumulate rewards and get higher points. Aside from the various offline missions that you can get your hands with, you can also join the weekly tournaments to rack up on points and climb the scoreboards. PAC-MAN is the ultimate arcade action game that will let you have retro fun in your home. If you are in the mood for a classic arcade game, PAC-MAN should be on your list.

Subway Surfers

Making its way on the second spot of our arcade games list is Subway Surfers. Subway Surfers is an endless running game that takes you to the cities in the world. In the game, you will help a group of kids who tag trains and couches in subway tracks using their graffiti artworks. But if you are caught by the inspector and his dog, you will have to pay the consequences. So, escape and run as fast as you can! Run along the tracks and collect coins along the way. Use the coins to upgrade the boosters in the game. You can also acquire jetpacks and hoverboards to help you collect the coins in hard-to-reach places. With an intuitive control and exciting gameplay, Subway Surfers attract millions of players around the world. Play the missions and complete the game as you try your best to evade the grumpy inspector. With so many daily missions and tournaments that you can join, there is so much fun and excitement that will keep up for hours on end. You can also play with your friends and family and find out who can beat the top scores.

Zombie Tsunami

Capping off our list of the top 3 arcade games is Zombie Tsunami, another popular side-scrolling arcade game that is highly addictive and entertaining. In Zombie Tsunami, you take control of a horde of zombies as they wreak havoc in the city eating everyone that gets in their way. As you eat the civilians, they will be transformed into one of the undead and will join your army of mindless walkers. Zombie Tsunami is a great arcade game because it was able to tone down the violence for the kids by making cute zombies and entertaining animations when they eat people. The goal of the game is to complete the missions for each level and make your horde of zombies as big as you can. There are obstacles in the game such as moving vehicles and gaps in the roads that you need to avoid so that you can get higher points and rewards. Boosts and upgrades are also available in Zombie Tsunami to help you win against challenging missions. These upgrades will turn your horde into different transformations such as a giant one-eyed zombie, a group of zombie quarterbacks, balloon zombies, and more! Zombie Tsunami is a fantastic running monster game to kill your time away. Love all these exciting arcade games? Don’t wait! Download and play ’em all today! Click on any of the game icons below and stay tuned as we provide you more arcade action with hunting games, fishing games, and even Pinball! Talk about classic!

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